Friday, March 2, 2018

Busy day to Blackpoint Settlement

We lifted anchor and headed south towards Blackpoint settlement.  Not a lot of winds, so we just motored.  About half-way there, Duane mentioned that there were iguanas on the cay just to our east.   So, we made a 90 degree turn across a sandbar (not too shallow) and headed towards the white sandy beach you see.

Plopped the dinghy in the water and went ashore.  No one else around.

There were definitely iguanas on the beach!  Different looking than the ones we'd seen in Key West.  Those were much more colorful.  These looked meaner!

All the little marks in the sand are from their tails dragging.

They seemed curious but not too aggressive.

Pretty beach with little cave.

And on to Blackpoint Settlement for the night since this anchorage was a bit rolly.

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  1. many lizards...I love the little cliff/cave...