Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Back to Marsh Harbor

Woke to a pretty sunrise.  The anchorage had filled with lots of boats - we were surprised to see how closely this catamaran was anchored! 

Soon we headed back across the Sea of Abaco towards Marsh Harbor. There is another cold front coming with forecast 35+ knot winds...so we'll sit it out in the snug harbor.

On the way over, the sea was flat calm....so we decided to just let the boat drift and we both jumped in with scrubbers and spent about an hour scrubbing the growth off the boat's bottom. 

The water was only about 6-7 feet deep - as we were pulling away I spotted this huge starfish.  It's about a foot across or more!  We saw several in the calm water as we motored towards Marsh Harbor.

Not an exciting day, but a pleasant one here in a little slice of paradise!

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  1. ...yeah...I bet you have to keep a close eye on the weather...