Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Moving the boat to Marsh Harbor

There is a strong cold front coming thru tonight that will bring strong winds (40 knots), so we decided we needed to be anchored somewhere protected.  So we pulled anchor at Great Guana and headed towards Marsh Harbor. 

We made a little detour at Fowl Cay to snorkel a spot that was reported to be very nice.

It was early in the morning so we decided to slip on our wetsuits to make the swim a little warmer.

It was a lovely snorkel!  Beautiful clear water and healthy coral.

Back on the dinghy.

A couple of hours later anchored safely in Marsh Harbor.

I'll let you know how the storms were tomorrow!

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  1. ...your hair is getting so long...and you're so CUTE!...hope you have a quiet night...