Monday, March 26, 2018

Man-O-War and Great Guana

We woke to fairly calm seas and a pretty sunrise just north of Man-O-War Cay.

Since the forecast was for calm seas,  we decided we'd try to snorkel on the outlying reef at Fowl Cay.  We anchored near the reef on the sandy bottom and swam towards it.  It was lovely.

Duane diving down to look at a conch shell - about 20 feet down.  I can't free dive like that.  At about 5 feet down my ears hurt.

Pulled the anchor and went back into the Sea of Abaco.  Lovely water here.

We anchored in the crowded Fisher's Bay anchorage and met up for Reid and Laurie's last full day on the island.  They took us in their golf cart over to Nippers.  Here's the daylight view of the beach where they shot the fireworks.  Quite a lovely view for a beach bar!

Lots of folks dancing....having a great time.    And no, we didn't join in.....a little to "young" for our tastes.  Fun to watch some of the shenanigans though!

Just a lovely little patch of flowers near the marina.

After the Nippers visit, we headed over to "Grabbers", another beach bar close to the anchorage.  This young man was making us some conch salad.  Wonderful fresh veggies - three colors of peppers, onions, fresh squeezed lime and oranges and of course the raw chopped conch. 

 He was fun to talk to while he chopped away. 

He allowed the customer to decide how much of this Scotch Bonnet pepper sauce to up on the salad.  I got a good spoonful - man was it hot - but with wonderful flavor!

Reid enjoying his salad.

The last excitement of the night was that this big power boat in the background was anchored too close to shore  when the tide went out.  They are stuck on the bottom -when a group of men went out to help push them off, Duane and Reid joined them.  But they decided that the water was too low - they'll have to hang around for several hours for the tide to re-float them.  Lesson learned, I hope!

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  1. ...looks like fun...Nippers and Grabbers...sound like tools...