Sunday, March 18, 2018

Fun busy day in the Abacos

We left Little Harbor to head north towards Great Guana to meet up with Reid and Laurie.

They were coming south to go to Pete's Pub with friends in their power boat.

So we decided that Hope Town was a good place to meet up.  We'd never been to Hope Town, although I'd read plenty about the little settlement.  We pulled into the narrow harbor to take a look before Reid and Laurie arrived.  We'll forgive them their little grammatical error because they have such a lovely little town!

We anchored outside of the town and Reid and Laurie rafted up with us.

Reid and Duane

The whole crew enjoying a little sunshine.

Friends of Reid and Laurie - visiting with them from Washington, NC - Bob, Paige, Christopher and Lance.  Fun family.

I noticed one of our bumpers was floating away!  I had not tied it securely.....but Christopher jumped in and rescued it for us.

We hopped on board "Smilin' Conch" (Reid and Laurie's boat) and went back into Hope Town for some lunch and a walkabout.

Cool little car

Lovely houses!

After the walking tour of Hope Town, we set out towards Marsh Harbor for a little snorkeling.  They are much, much faster than we are!

 Small reef with some nice fish.

Paige and Bob snorkeling.

After the snorkel, we headed another hour north to Great Guana Cay.  Reid and Laurie took us on their golf cart over to their house and then to a nice dinner at the marina.   After that we all went to the local hangout "Nippers" and had a treat of listening to the "Barefoot Man".  Really fun funky music!

At 10PM, the pub put on a fireworks show over the water.  View these 3 photos in succession -  it goes from pitch black to illuminating the ocean.  Neat-o.

These two photos of the fireworks in the background are real - isn't that cool!

And after all that fun, they lit a big bonfire on the shore.  Reid and Laurie are wincing because it was hot!!  About 11:30PM, we dinghied back to the boat - I think WAY past our bed-time!!

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