Friday, March 9, 2018

Georgetown, Exumas

Beautiful sunrise!

The previous owners of Sojourn made it down to Georgetown today.  They anchored near us and sent me a text message.  We had communicated with them several times, but had never met them.  They have a very, very nice power boat now named M/V Roam.

They know all the Manta owners, so they invited us all over for "happy hour".  We all got a great tour of the fancy boat.  This is the engine room.  Amazing machinery - and they hold 1300 gallons of diesel fuel!

Two different conversations - the guys.

And the gals.

 Great story telling around the saloon table.

And before you knew it, time to go back to our respective homes for the night!

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  1. I find it amazing that you see people you know way over there, especially the previous owners. More so than in the aviation community, I think. All great adventure. MOM