Saturday, December 15, 2018

Back to Key Biscayne

We spent the morning doing some chores.....laundry day.  We had a pile of "cold weather clothes" that needed to be washed and stored until next winter!

Used the washing machine for the wash cycles, but chose to "line dry" them - it took about 30 minutes for even the jeans to be dry.  The bulbous looking thing is a fitted sheet.

We decided to head back north to better position for our departure to the Bahamas - probably Sunday.

Got to sail a little bit dead downwind on the way back to Miami.  Pretty water!

We anchored in a little cove called Hurricane Harbor.   It's a really pretty little area - room enough for 8 or 10 boats - right beside some really fancy houses.

Pretty neat - all quite for the evening.

We did have a chore that needed done before we head out Sunday morning - the jib cover has a large zipper that must be 10 years old.  It just doesn't like to do it's intended job.

So, I had ordered a new 4' long zipper from Sailrite before we left home, just never got around to changing it out.

 Not a difficult job - I just ripped off the old zipper.

And sewed the new zipper in place. We used the little metal clips from the old sail to "terminate" the zipper and cut it to the exact length.

All finished - (you can see that the sailcover is a bit "salty".....

In place.

Ready for the Gulf Stream crossing on Sunday!

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  1. Hey K,
    ...that is one long you keep your sewing machine on the boat?...the heavy duty one?...