Friday, December 14, 2018

Key Biscayne to Sands Key

Beautiful sunrise this morning!!!

The anchorage was a little exposed so we decided to head south about 15 miles to Sands Key near Elliot Key for a change in scenery.

Pretty lighthouse on Key Biscayne.

On our way there, we went thru the "Stiltsville Channel" - kinda surreal.

The stilt houses look a little abandoned, but not entirely.  Wonder if anyone uses them?  They're just out in the middle of Biscayne Bay.

Sand Key - pretty and no one within miles!

We got in the dinghy for a little exploration - what looks like a manmade canal thru the mangroves leads to a little "lake". 

We pulled over and tied up the dinghy hoping to walk thru the mangroves to the ocean side.

There was a path thru the limestone/coral ground.....but it was high tide and we eventually couldn't get thru due to the water (we could have waded thru, but it was murky swamp water).  So, back to the boat.

Quiet evening.

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