Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Glass Window Eleuthera

We decided to move a few hours south and go to an area called Glass Window so we pulled up the anchor.

Passed this little spit called Lobster Cay.  It's for sale.  Buy it and we'll visit you!

To get there, we had to go thru Current Cut.  It's a cut that's notorious for it's huge current - about 5 knots at it's highest.  So you try to time it when the current is flowing "with" your direction. 

Well, I think didn't time it correctly!!  No worries though - it was just an extremely slooooooow passage.  We had the 5 knots against us so we slogged along at 2.9 knots SOG  (speed over ground) even though the boat speed was actually 7.9 knots thru the water.   I'll double check my tide tables next time!

(Of course, if you boat doesn't go more than 5 knots, you'd have to wait for a tide cycle!)

Through the cut - you can see the current in this photo.

Lovely water as we motor along.

A few hours later we were near our anchorage for the night.  This is the "Glass Window" that lets you peep to the Atlantic Ocean side of the island.  We'll explore tomorrow.

Pretty little cove - hopefully we'll have sunshine tomorrow!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas!

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  1. Hey K,
    ...Love the CUTE photo of you two...pretty water...too bad you didn't get to coast through...