Tuesday, December 25, 2018


We motored about 9 hours in lumpy seas down to Eleuthera to escape some 30 knot winds that will be coming the next few days.  That's what it's like in the Northern Bahamas in the winter. Once we get south to the Ragged Islands, we hope to have more settled weather.

Caught another decent sized jack fish.  Yeah, it was fish for dinner again!  

Also caught 3 pretty large barracuda (remember, they are not good to eat because of heavy metal contaminants).

Here's a zoomed-in photo of one of them.....mean looking teeth!!  We use needle-nose pliers to drop them off the hook easily without getting anywhere near the teeth!!

At anchor just at sunset.  The other boat in the photo, Big Frisky came by in their dinghy to wish us a Merry Christmas!  Same to everyone!

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