Thursday, December 20, 2018

Great Harbour Cay

 We lifted anchor and went into the marina - a first for us!  We've never paid to stay in a marina overnight in this boat....preferring the "free" option of anchoring.  But there are forecast 50 knot winds tonight and tomorrow, so we thought we'd better play it safe.

The helpful dockmaster tied us up and then Duane worked to get us all settled in with bumpers and lines.  These extremely friendly marina cats watched his every move.

They laid in the shade for a while then a couple of them jumped on the boat like they were home!!  That doesn't fly with Duane, who quickly shooed them off the boat.

We went for a nice walk to the beautiful beach on the east side of the island with new friends Sharron, Bess, Corbin and Robin.

Nice little pub overlooking the beach.

Back to the boat, I made sushi to share for the evening happy hour.

But first we had to play a Texas Hold'em tournament on Riff Raff.  Guess who won?  Duane - and I came in 2nd!

After the tournament, it was on to  our boat for happy hour.  The sushi was a big hit.

And we saw a blaze of fur run thru the cockpit - one of the cats decided it could come aboard again....only to be instantly chased out!  Fun day.

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  1. Hey K,
    ...not surprised at all about the winner...or the 2nd place winner...