Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Moving again!!

Our good friends from What If invited us over for a visit - they were staying on their Manta at the Jacksonville Naval Air Station marina.  They had to come to the visitor's parking lot and drive us into the base.  It's huge!!  I snapped a photo, but Cathy told me afterwards that it was frowned on.  So I put my camera away!

We had a very nice visit with them on their boat, then they did us the favor of helping us return our Hertz rental car, then on to a great evening out at the Sand Dollar restaurant with Leslie and Ralph from Now & Zen.  No one took a photo!

This morning it was time to move on and SOUTH!! 

Approaching Jax downtown.

Several bridges to pass under.  I hadn't noticed it on the way up river, but here you can see some silos to the left.  See the artwork?

Isn't that pretty?

We passed many large shipped on the way.

Neat to watch them unloading this ship of it's cargo containers.

Pretty bridges.

And before we knew it was sunset!  We're near Pine Island just north of St. Augustine.

We met up in the anchorage with our What If friends Cathy and Ed.

They threw us lines and we "rafted up" with them for a nice quiet meal and evening!   Further travels south tomorrow.

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  1. ...Pretty sunset...and I guess that's the Dames Point bridge...it's funny that it doesn't look that tall from the water...but from the bridge it seems really steep and high up...