Sunday, December 2, 2018

Marasota Key and the Venice Boat Parade

We drove over to Manasota Key for a nice walk on the beach.  Looking for sharks teeth. 

Pretty beach - but the "red tide" was there - you can't really see it in the water - but it was airborne.  We were all coughing and sneezing.   We wandered the beach for maybe a half hour looking for sharks teeth but decided we'd had enough!

Once we got away from the ocean, our symptoms dissipated quickly with no lasting effects.

Here's my "score". 

Later we walked about a block to the Intercoastal Waterway to "stake out" our spot for the Venice Boat Parade later in the day.  We just took folding chairs and left them - many others had left tarps and you can see that someone even painted a big "X" on the grass. 

The parade was a lot of fun - lots of families on the bank cheering as the boats went past - I'll just give you a few blurry photos.....happy holidays!!

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  1. WOW...that parade is awesome...I've only ever found a couple of shark's teeth...