Thursday, December 6, 2018

Heading south

Time flies when you're busy traveling.....

We left Pine Island for a full day of motoring down the intercoastal waterway.   Leaving the anchorage at Pine Island.

 We stopped for the day in Daytona Beach.  Rafted up again with What If for a fun evening of dinner and chatting.

Up fairly early and headed out.  Lots of marshy land at times....and lots of fancy houses too.

Actually put the headsail up for a little while....but the winds were fairly light and the waterway is not really "sail-friendly" due to it's twists and turns.

Rafted up again at Cocoa Beach.  Really nice to just step from one boat to the next for dinner and drinks!  Off to Vero Beach tomorrow.

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  1. The water is a beautiful looks chilly though...not as chilly as here...wink...