Friday, December 28, 2018

Glass Window and Queens Bath Eleuthera

We got in the dinghy and rode about a mile back to the "Glass Window".  This was a natural arch many years ago - where the island is only about 100 feet wide.  Of course, this separates the Atlantic Ocean from the calmer Eleuthera Sound.  A hurricane caused the arch to collapse, so the islanders built a bridge to replace it.  (This is the only "main" road on the island - it runs the length of the island.)

This is the calm "sound" side.

And this is the view looking out into the Atlantic.

We'd hoped that the seas would really be "churned up" because of the strong easterly wind, but apparently not enough to make the big waves that sometimes come thru the "window".

We walked on about a half mile south searching for the "Queen's Bath".

 It's an area that is eroded by the waves - the water gets trapped in the pools at low tide and the "queens can bathe"!!!

Just a lovely peaceful area.

 Then back to the dinghy.

We had some "new friends" over for a little happy hour - John and Sherry from Lost Shaker a Gulfstar 50.  They had rain gear on for the windy dinghy ride. 

We plan to visit their boat tonight.

Assuming all is as planned, we'll depart in the middle of the night tonight to head east to Andros and finally meet up with our buddies on Now and Zen!!!

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