Monday, December 10, 2018

Vero Beach to West Palm Beach

It's getting warmer!!  Finally put away the blanket - slept with just a sheet - perfect!

Pretty sunrises in at the Vero Beach City Marina.

Our raft of 3 catamaran friends.

Cathy and Ed were invited to their nearby cruising friends' Dot and John's house for dinner - and we got to tag along.   Good fun meeting fellow sailors  Mary Ann and Ed also.  You just never know what a day on the boat will bring!

Time to leave Vero Beach - we were up early to cast off from our "raft".  Jerry and Donna were up to see us off.  We'll cross paths with them again in the Bahamas.

Motoring out of the Vero anchorage, we spotted another Manta!  Esmeralda - didn't get a chance to meet the owners though.  (There were only 127 of these boats built and it continues to amaze me how many of them we've seen!)

A big storm was chasing us - but we mostly outran it southbound.  The water is changing colors now from brown to almost blue!

And as the day progressed, the surroundings got a little "tonier"....for the next few days I believe our surroundings will be like this as we head tomorrow offshore to Miami!

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  1. Hey K,
    Glad you were able to outrun the storm...looks like a fun time and another lovely sunrise...