Saturday, December 22, 2018

Great Harbour Cay

We borrowed the marina's bikes again, this time riding to the other end of the island.  Total trip was about 12 miles of rolling pavement.  This island looks flat but the road is not!!

We rode to the "settlement" which is a small residential area like many Bahamian islands.  Stopped off at the small grocery store for some tomatoes and saw this drink in the cooler.  I had to try it just for fun.  Read the label - was made by Coca-cola Bahamas.   Tasted just like Diet Coke.  Funny that they have a different label. 

This is at the Government Dock.  The seagulls are hovering at the waters edge but not willing to take flight in the 30+ knots gusts.  This same area was dead calm when we were there a couple of days ago in the dinghy.

Our "rides" from the marina. 

Next it was off to find more of the old 70's resort "ruins".  This old crumbling clubhouse  overlooks the beautiful Sugar Beach.  Amazing what 30 years of neglect does to a concrete structure.

Didn't venture far into this one since it looked pretty unstable.  But it was a fun trek.

This is the beach view they would have had from the clubhouse.

Sugar Beach in the background.  The sand is "sugary".

Found a little cave that was etched out of the limestone.

Pretty flowers along the road.

And we were both pretty tuckered out by the time we got back to the marina! 

In the afternoon, another game of poker on Riff Raff.....this time Rob won and Duane came in second.  Good fun.

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  1. Hey K,
    It does look beautiful...deserted places like that can be kinda creepy sometimes...ya'll are getting so tan...
    Merry Christmas!