Sunday, December 30, 2018

Eleuthera to Nassau

Lost Shaker called us and said they were moving anchorages to find a calmer spot - we agreed that would be a good idea since we had a good bit of "roll" with some wind-driven chop.

This is Lost Shaker a 50' Gulfstar.

Very nice boat!

Got settled in at our new anchorage.  Much smoother!

Spent the day being lazy and briefly helped John with a dinghy problem.  They invited us over for the evening "sundowners".  John making me a "Painkiller" drink.  

Sheri handing it to me in a bonafide Soggy Dollar cup!  Wonderful replica of the drink we've had so many times in BVI!  Even grated nutmeg on top!

 Then it was time to move back to Andros to pick up "the plan" with Now and Zen.  We got up at 4AM and waved bye to Lost Shaker in the dark for our trip west.  We wanted to top up our fuel supplies so we stopped by Nassau.  We'd never been there before - lots of cruisers avoid it completely.  You have to call Port Control on the radio and ask permission to enter - but that was no big deal compared to talking to Air Traffic Control. 

Really felt weird being around all those buildings though! 

 Easy peasy we got our fuel at Brown's Boat Basin and were on our way.  There were two high rise bridges to cross under.  We'd read conflicting info on their height so we were a bit concerned.  (They're not marked at all like in the States).  But a local at the fuel dock assured us that they were 71' high - and we had not trouble.

The path westbound takes you right past the cruise ship dock. Wow that's a lot of people!!

Back into the ocean for just a bit to our overnight anchorage.

Pulled into Lyford Cay to anchor.  Didn't realize this was "megayacht central"!  Was annoying - what should have been a pleasant anchorage was very choppy because the sea-dos and yacht tenders were all racing around literally with feet of our boat.  Not cool but I guess we unwittingly choose party central on a Saturday.  Not our cup of tea, but for one night it was tolerable.

Things did quieten down as the day ended.  We'll be off at first light tomorrow for the hopefully remote island of Andros!!

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  1. Hey K,
    ...looks like fun...sorry about the yacht parties ruining your fun...I had to google the drinks...haha...