Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Waiting weather

Looks like we'll hunker down here near Pensacola for several days waiting out a cold front that is due this evening.  As a result of the cold front, the weather offshore will be nasty all the way thru the weekend!  So we're going to stay put until it's pleasant!  No need to bash ourselves in 8 foot seas when we don't have to!

Went for a fun dinghy ride up the little bayou.  Temperature is still very pleasant 70's here.  That will change tomorrow to the 50's.  Not looking forward to that!!

This is the first real excursion we've taken on the dinghy - 30 HP on a 11' inflatable is a bit overkill!!
But really fun and fast!!

Up the bayou there was a sad little derelict sailboat.  Always wonder what the story is behind things like this.  It doesn't look terrible - someone could probably salvage it.

Back to the boat - we're still the only one anchored here.

Being fairly stationary, I've taken the opportunity to do just a little cooking with my limited resources.  I wanted a hearty soup.

Pulled out the pressure cooker - lentils, rice, onion, carrot and a bunch of spices.

After it heated up and was under pressure, only 3 minutes!  Turned the gas off and let it release pressure naturally.   All done!

Dinner for two with leftovers.  I figure it cost about a dollar + cost of the propane.  We won't go hungry!


  1. Lentils make a nice hearty soup, but I've never cooked them in a pressure cooker. Good idea!! MOM

  2. Glad to see you guys made the hard part of the passage around Louisiana and thru the oil rigs. You can make shorter passages going down the east side of Florida. Take care
    James & Crystal
    S/V Texpie