Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas from Sarasota!

We've been whirlwind busy!

We joined Buddy and Sharron night before last at an Irish pub in Venice for some happy hour snacks and entertainment.  Corny but fun!

Pretty decorations on the street in Venice.

The boys and Miranda arrived yesterday morning - at 4:30AM!!  It was a dark dinghy ride to pick them up...

Miranda relaxing on the trampoline.

We had gone to the marina to fill up with water so we relaxed on dry land for a little while.

Then we went out for a little trip out into Sarasota bay - the boys put out fishing lines...Richard caught this Ladyfish almost immediately.  He/she was released back to be caught another day.

And Robert got in on the fishing game too - a saltwater catfish.

And a little shark!!

Robert giving us his version of "Puff the Magic Dragon"

Miranda getting her toes wet as we motored along.

Captain Richard!

Christmas morning fun in the dinghy.

Much silliness. 

For Christmas breakfast, I made my first biscuits on the boat!

Sharon and Buddy joined us - the start of a nice relaxing Christmas day!

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