Monday, December 18, 2017

From Steinhatchee to Crystal River

Our trip from Steinhatchee to Crystal River was an uneventful overnight - we used one motor all night since the wind was light and right on our nose.

We timed the tides for our the entrance to the Crystal River channel pretty well, although we did see less than a foot of water under the keel at one point!!

The nuclear power plant is right at the waters edge.

Past the power plant, the channel is quite lovely.

We were in Crystal River over 10 years ago - this is where Richard got his SCUBA certification.  Strangely,  I don't actually remember much about the town.  I know that Robert, Duane and myself dove in the freshwater spring, but that's about it.

It is a neat little tourist town - mostly centered around the annual manatee migration during each winter.  We took our dinghy for a ride-about and saw many manatees!!  I tried to get a photo, but they just aren't very photogenic and they only peek there snout above water for a moment.

Many, many kayaks out looking for manatees also!

We tied up the dinghy at the public park and walked around town a bit.  Lovely Spanish moss growing on everything!  That's it for the day - probably heading southbound at high tide this afternoon.

And we're finally in shorts and tee shirts again!! 


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  1. looks just like the Florida I remember...glad it's warm for you...