Saturday, December 16, 2017


We took a little dinghy ride up the Steinhatchee river....lots old derelict boats anchored.  Sortof sad and I'm sure it's frustrating for the local folks.  This is actually a good anchorage, about 1/2 mile from where we were anchored.  We couldn't stay here because there was no room for us.

There are a couple of marinas up the river - this one caters to all the numerous fishing boats - they were stack up everywhere!

 We needed to get out of the area before low tide, so we motored out the channel in calm winds.  Since we need to be at the Crystal River entrance on the rising tide, we need to wait to actually leave.  So, we dropped the anchor about 10 miles offshore - we'll wait about 5 hours before we leave.  Just reading and relaxing - not only is there no wind, there are absolutely no waves either!  Strange to have such calm water!

We watched the sunset, hoping to see the elusive "green flash"....was beautiful but we didn't see any flash....

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  1. ...really pretty sunset...and you'll have plenty more opportunities to see the green flash...