Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Chafed halyard

The mainsail halyard (the line that raises the sail to the top of the mast) had chafed badly on something at the top of the mast during the offshore sail. 

This is the piece of line we ended up cutting off.  It would have completely broken soon and the main sail would have dropped if we had used it again.

In order to investigate what is causing the problem and correct it, Duane had to go up the mast again. All the way to the top this time - 60'!

He filed some areas that he said looked sharp, but no "smoking gun" as to a cause.  
He made a couple of adjustments where the sail connects to the mast track, so hopefully he's solved the problem.  If it chafes again, it will be a very expensive line to buy!  (Wish we'd thought to buy one when West Marine had all their line 50% off on "Black Friday"!!!)

Here is his view from the top - I'm sitting in the bow chair at the red arrow!

His view looking back towards Gulf shores.  

Nothing else much happening - still waiting on the nasty weather to approach and pass.

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  1. Yeah...we're having a cold front here too...they're even call ing for snow...