Wednesday, December 27, 2017

More Christmas in Sarasota

We managed a big Christmas meal in a small galley!  The oven is small, so I started baking the green bean casserole at about 10AM.  Cheated with a Winn Dixie (yeah, they still have Winn Dixie in Florida!) rotisserie chicken.....just decided that a turkey was just too much trouble. 

Sweet and mashed potatoes, stuffing from a box, sauteed turnips from Granny and Cordy, and lots of cranberry sauce.  No one starved to death, for sure!

Yesterday, we drove down to Venice to visit the "shark tooth beach" where we used to take the kids when we lived in Boca Raton in the early 90's.  We'd fly our little old Cessna 172  to the Venice airport and borrow a car to drive about 1/2 mile over to "Sharkey's Pub".  At the time, it was just a little waterfront restaurant on a deserted beach strip.  Now, it's a huge bustling restaurant complex with a jam-packed parking lot.

We spent some time in the surf looking for shark's teeth....

Miranda and I each found a tiny one - nothing like what I remember.  Was worth a try though.
We declined to wait for a table at Sharkey's and headed out to an alternative lunch place.

By the time we got back to Sarasota, it was dark - and a brilliantly lit boat was moored.  Looks like a fun boat!

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  1. Fun...pretty lit up boat...we still have several sharks teeth that we found when we lived in glad you all were able to get together for Christmas...