Saturday, December 9, 2017

Making water

We've been at anchor for 6 days now and have used 75 of our 100 gallons of water.  That's  12.5 gallons per day - and includes flushing toilets, cooking, washing dishes and 2 showers each so far.  Pretty good conservation, I think!  Wonder how much each of us uses on land per day?

So, we cranked up the reverse osmosis watermaker for the first time.  We were afraid that the previous owner hadn't set it up for storage properly.  The equipment must be flushed and treated if it's not going to be used for a long period of time. 

But it worked perfectly!  Duane tested the output water for salinity - and it was pure.   I took the first tasted like....nothing.   So, he turned a valve and started sending the pure water into the storage tank.

We made about 20 gallons of water - took about 1 hour running the generator.  It requires a lot of 110v power so can't be run off the solar panels/battery.

Now that we know it works, we can run it any time we're low on water.   We are really off-the-grid self-sufficient with this boat!


  1. wow! that's amazing...glad you won't go thirsty!



  2. I agree, that is amazing. I didn't know (until those two women were "lost at sea" and they mentioned it) that small boats could make their own clean water. You are an interesting bunch. MOM