Monday, December 11, 2017

Fizz Giz - Soda Stream Alternative

Most of you know that we quit drinking all sodas (except seltzer water) several years ago.  At home, we keep 12 packs of seltzer water on hand and drink it frequently. 

On the boat, keeping stores of cans of water is just not feasible.  The alternative is to make our own fizzy water!

You may have seen commercials for the "Soda Stream"....the problem with it is that you have to use their very expensive special  CO2 cartridges.   An alternative is something called a Fizz Giz.  It's sold by a guy in Greensboro on Amazon.    We got one and it is a bit of a bother to get it set up...but once you've got it set up, the CO2 only costs $4 to fill the large bottle at the sporting goods store.  It's about twice as big as the custom Soda Stream bottle.

Fizzy water for a few pennies a bottle. 

The seller offered to send some free extra caps to anyone who would post a Youtube video about his product.

You all also probably know that I thought his offer was a good here's my silly video!


  1. I LOVED the are so CUTE!!! looks like a fun process...and I could see the ocean through your window...



  2. Great video, you made the process look easy!