Friday, December 15, 2017

Overnite sail to Steinhatchee - west coast of Florida

We left Apalachicola around noon for the 19 hour trip to the west coast.  We picked Steinhatchee just because it looked like a neat town and they have a decent anchorage.

Stopped at the friendly Apalachicola Marina for a top-off of fuel and water.  When I went in to pay, there was a "hand" of bananas laying on a table and I commented on them.  The nice fellow said "do you want them?  They are from the trees outside and we always have too many".

They were neat little sweet bananas, what a nice surprise!

We took the opportunity of unlimited water to hose off the muddy anchor and chain.   Then pushed off for the west coast of Florida.

Had another pod of dolphins visit - they seem to love to swim along with us at our bow!

 Uneventful cruise overnight to Steinhatchee - same drill - 3 hour shifts seems to work pretty good.  The trip was a little less than 100 nautical miles.    I had Verizon signal 50 miles offshore, very strange!  I read a little, played my "7 Little Words" and Red Herring games on my phone, drank Earl Grey tea and generally stared at the chartplotter/radar.  Didn't see a single boat once we left the Intracoastal Waterway at Carabelle, so about 14 hours.

Arrived at the Steinhatchee channel just at sunrise.  Narrow channel to what appears to be a neat fishing town.  Anchored just off the channel in shallow water.  Time for a shower, breakfast and a nap!!

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  1. can't beat free bananas...

    ...and another gorgeous sky...