Thursday, December 14, 2017


We stayed in the Apalachicola another night waiting on a good weather window to scoot across to the west coast of Florida.

We took the dinghy ashore to stretch our legs and explore. 

It's weird not having a mailbox....I had a couple of items I needed to mail so we found the Post Office.  It's a wonderful old building right in the middle of the quaint downtown.  It has that wonderful smell that only old government buildings seem to have.

Neat downtown area - I bet it's "hoppin" on a summer day!

We wandered past this old graveyard and went in for a look thru an open gate - I was amazed at the faded headstones - some were from the early 1800's and really hard to read.  There didn't seem to be any "modern" headstones at all.   Some were just stones and the markings were all worn away.

We exited the cemetery on another street and found this sign after we'd walked thru wondering about the history.    Cool.

 Back to the boat - we're planning to head further east tonight.  Tentative plans are to pull the anchor around noon and head out for a 16 hr overnight sail over to the west coast of Florida.

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  1. ...that's a neat town...when we were backpacking a lot in the mountains...we ran into people on the trails that were hiking all the way up to Maine...and they often got their mail just as 'general delivery' at various post offices along the way...I should have sent you a Christmas card to Apalachicola...