Tuesday, December 19, 2017

From Crystal River to Sarasota

We decided to go straight on to Sarasota rather than stop along the way.  It was a planned 24 hour trip.

Again, we saw many dolphins.  They are always so interesting and graceful.  I never tire of seeing them.

Unfortunately, overnite it became very foggy.  When we were offshore during the night, it was mildly disorienting....but we have very good radar so  we can see anything that is a few feet above the water.

Once the sun came up, it was actually worse.  This photo is not altered - this is what it really looked like at sunrise!  Spooky almost.

We slowed down and motored along at just a few knots just to be extra careful.  I sat out on the bow with my air horn to warn anyone of our presence.

By about noon, the skies cleared and we were able to proceed on our way.  We had a couple of bridges to pass....had to hover for about 15 minutes for this one to open.

Always feel a little bad about all the cars that have to wait on us....

Approaching Sarasota.

We stopped by the office at Marina Jack - our home for the next few weeks.  We'll be on a mooring ball in the bay.

All tied up - time for a bit of rest!

I forgot to mention, we went to a local seafood market in Crystal River - I got a "dozen" oysters and all the "fixin's".  For $7.99.   I counted 16 oysters.  Nice.

So I feasted.  So yummy.


  1. Cool dolphins...I remember them swimming with us as we ferried over to Ft. Sumter one year when Eaven was little...

    ...are you going to be staying there through Christmas?...



  2. yes, we will stay thru January. the boys and Miranda are coming to visit with us over Christmas. we'll visit with Sharon & Buddy often....and go home mid-January for a couple of weeks.

    love, k