Friday, December 8, 2017

Still anchored Pensacola

We're just relaxing at anchor in Pensacola waiting on this crazy cold/rainy weather to pass. 

The winds have been pretty high!  We saw over 35 knots....but the anchor is really "stuck" and has been holding us in place for days now.

Doing lots of reading all bundled up.  We run the generator every few hours to warm things up and get rid of some of the condensation.  So, we're fairly comfy.

View this morning from the back of the boat....the "warm" water is steaming in the 39 degree air temp!


  1. Stay warm...what are you reading?



  2. just a bunch of kindle books i've checked out from the library - just finished "Five Days in May" a mystical book about a coming tornado in Arkansas. next up i've got "Going after Cacciato" (classic, apparently, about Vietnam war) and i'm going to attempt to read "Strangers in their Own Land" about conservative America.... love, k