Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Back to Key West

After a nice cold, relaxing but busy trip back to NC, we're back in Key West.  Wonderful temperature and lovely breeze.....just what I was hoping for!

On our way to shore, we always pass this mangrove area - and there are often iguanas sunning themselves. There are two of them, do you see them?

There were more of them on the bulkhead. 

They look so angry!!

Today we had an appointment at the US Customs office to get our "Small Vessel Reporting System" credentials validated in person.  This will allow us to be like a "trusted traveler"....when we come back to the US from the Bahamas, all we will have to do is call them on the phone and identify ourselves.  The normal way to "clear customs" involves a visit in person, so this will be the easy way to do it! 

On our way back to the boat, we walked by an area that I don't think we had previously seen....I thought I had seen ALL of Key West!!  Pretty beach beside a fancy hotel.   Beautiful view, except for that roped off area (I assume its a swimming area).

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