Sunday, February 25, 2018

Warderick Wells Exuma Land and Sea Park

The sail from Shroud to Warderick Wells was long and windy!  30+ knots again, and from somewhat the wrong direction.  We had to tack several times so the 3 hour trip turned into more like 6 hours.  But, we used almost no "dinosaur fuel"!

Warderick Wells is the "headquarters" of the protected area called the Exuma Land and Sea Park.  It is a large area that permanently prohibits fishing to preserve the natural state. 

We went for a hike - over some of the same ground that we hiked several years ago.  Cool lizard - we've noticed that the lizards here all have "curly tails".

The trail led to the Exuma Sound side - churned up waves from all the wind.

And the hike led past "Boo Boo Hill" - where cruisers like to leave their signs showing their visit.  Some obviously go to a huge amount of trouble designing their sign.   We are mildly amused but didn't bother bringing a sign.   Looks like good firewood if you needed it!

Here there are "blowholes" in the limestone - when the waves from the sound are at just the right height and direction, water spouts up thru the blowholes.  Wasn't happening for us.  Back to a rolly anchorage for the night.

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