Sunday, February 11, 2018

Still slowly on our way to the Bahamas!

We took up the anchor this morning and had a leisurely motor/sail eastbound.  We were thinking that we might just keep going east and end up in Bimini....but we looked at the weather forecast and could see the wave heights were 5-7 feet with a 5 second period.   We decided that didn't sound like too much fun....we'd be safe if we did it, but we'd be, we pulled in at Ramrod Key and dropped the anchor.   It's near a little island called "Picnic Island" where the locals come on the weekends - shallow water so they pull up and wade to the little island for their picnics.  

 Nice anchorage - but still very windy.  The wind is howling thru the open ports on the boat, lovely temperature..... I turned the instruments on just now to see much wind is still out there.   Over 20 knots.

May stay here a day or two -  looks like the winds/waves will die down late in the week, so we may head to the Bahamas then for a peaceful gulf stream crossing!

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