Monday, February 19, 2018

Highbourne Cay Activites

The wind really kicked up overnight - staying in the mid 20's most of the day.  We decided to just assume we'd get wet in the dinghy and go ashore.

The island is private, but the marina serves the public.  So we took the dinghy over - nice marina but a little pricey!

They have a well-stocked store and very nice restaurant.  Since we didn't need anything, we tried to find someone to ask if it was OK for us to walk to the Atlantic side of the island.  (It's a very narrow island!)  But, we couldn't find anyone and decided to respectfully take a walk.

The Atlantic side was beautiful!  But very rugged!  Glad we wore our hiking boots - that limestone is like walking on sharp lava.

 A little further down the beach, it turns quite lovely and deserted.

There was a little structure right on the beach - we were a little tired and stopped for a little rest since there was no one else around.

Note that it's not too sunny!  We came back to the boat (you see it out there in the anchorage, don't you?) to close all the hatches in case it rained.  Then we took the dinghy to the western shore - or the "banks" as they're called.

Anchored the dinghy on shore and took another stroll.  

After a little more rest on the boat (you see a theme here, don't you?) I wanted to go snorkeling.   There is a strong current for this reef, so it is suggested that one person snorkel while the other stays on the dinghy and just follows the snorkeler around.  Duane was happy to do this for me although he declined his turn at snorkeling.  

I'll just put up some of the photos - again they've got too much "blue" in them - I need to get a photo editor since it's just the camera that picks up the blue.  The water was actually crystal clear!

Beautiful healthy reef!  That's it for today!


  1. Pictures are lovely, even blue. MOM

  2. Very pretty...I know you can filter them with Photoshop...but that's a pretty expensive piece of software...not sure about others...maybe try Gimp...I used it years ago and I think it's still free...