Friday, February 16, 2018

Finally made it to the Bahamas on our own boat!

In case you didn't see the photos on FB, here a a few from Bimini - it is just beautiful here!  The rolly anchorage we stayed in this morning so that Duane could go clear us in at the Customs office.

The little town - Bimini is a really small place!

Took a walk along the beach.  We got our phones switched over to Bahamas Telephone Company - so we have internet and can make local calls.  (Our existing Verizon phone numbers are no good while we're in the Bahamas).

After getting some more diesel fuel we headed over to the north side of the island to escape the rolling water (wakes from passing boats makes our boat rock from side to side and it's just uncomfortable).    Plan to go overnite tonight to Chub Cay for some snorkeling!

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