Wednesday, February 28, 2018

OH NO! Ran out of bread!

I think we did pretty good provisioning our boat with food for the trip.  But I knew I couldn't carry enough bread.

So I made some biscuits for breakfast.

They were OK.  Not terrible.  I just don't have my oven temp correct yet....and I don't have a thermometer!   Drenched in gravy, they were good!

 And since I had the flour out (I keep it in the fridge) I decided to try my hand at yeast bread.  In the pressure pot this time!

 Normal procedure, letting the dough rise.

The pressure pot.  The directions I am using call for the rubber seal to be removed, so you're really just using a heavy pot, not the pressure part.

This is an experiment for me - I'd read that folks line the pan with oatmeal.  But at the last minute I decided to use the little trivet to keep the dough off the bottom of the pan.

About 45 minutes on super low heat with the lid closed but no pressure regulator installed.

All done!  I am glad I used the trivet since the bottom did burn a bit where it contacted the actual bottom of the pan.

 I peeled the burnt edge and it's pretty good!  Not enough salt for my taste, so I'll adjust that next time!

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  1. That's neat that you can make bread in the pressure cooker...there are recipes for bread and cakes in the Instant Pot cookbook...but I've not tried any yet...