Friday, February 23, 2018

Shroud Cay

We had a few days with zero cell service.....but we're back on "the edge" of civilization now.

From Highbourne Cay we had a crazy sail - 30 knot winds.  We "reefed" the main (reduced the sail area) so we were safe but a bit uncomfortable with all the wave action.  (Our speed is only about 5 knots because we're sailing really "close to the wind" - we're almost pointed directly into the wind so our speed is limited).

We had a collision course with this big yacht but we actually had the "right of way"....and they nicely reduced speed to allow us to pass. 

Approaching Shroud Cay.   (I want to note that I do not "retouch" these photos - they're "for real")

We took the dinghy on a couple of hours trip along some tidal creeks in the interior of the island. 

It's just clear water and mangroves.

Very shallow at low tide.

This fork of the creek ended at the eastern shore and the Exuma Sound.

There was a "camp" reported to be up on a hill from many years ago - so we beached the dinghy and took a little walk.

Trail up the hill.

There was a sign at the top of the hill that registered the camp - and told us not to "leave anything" - apparently, folks had been leaving mementos here and the park officials were not amused.  Needless to say, we left nothing.

But the view was beautiful!  Exuma Sound side.

The view of the mangoves where we came in.

Back to the boat.   More later!

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  1. ...that is some crazy blue water...they look just like postcards...