Friday, February 9, 2018

Maybe last day in Key West

Time to move on soon!  Just waiting on one more post office delivery today, then we may move on to the east.  The weather for going to the Dry Tortugas doesn't look all that great for the next 10 days, so we may have to skip it and head to the Bahamas instead. 

I was scrubbing off the deck and happened to look up and see these two Hobie Cats screaming towards our boat.  They got within 10 feet of our boat and abruptly turned.  Really strange behavior in the middle of an anchorage!  Cute though and the sailors did seem to know what they were doing luckily!

Just a pretty day!

Relaxing in my hammock with my Kindle...and a pillow....(more like napping).

Thought you might enjoy seeing a bit of my "taxi ride" back to the boat in the evening.

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  1. ...Looks like you had gorgeous weather for your final day there...