Tuesday, February 27, 2018

"Pig Beach" aka Big Majors Spot

We moved the short distance over towards Staniel Cay to the "pig beach".  We've been here before, so it's not a big thrill...but it is a fine anchorage for the lighter east winds we're seeing.

We were surprised how many boats were here!   It feels crowded compared to where we've been recently!

I heard a turbine engine - and was a bit shocked to see this sea plane landing not 100 yards from the boat in the busy anchorage!

I looked up the N-number and it's a Cessna Caravan.  A passel of folks pealed out and headed down the beach to feed the pigs.  Travel'n in style!

The obligatory photos of the pigs.....the pigs looked more "well fed" this time, lots of tour boats going over, all armed with food/scraps.  

Strange novelty.

We found a little bit of snorkeling nearby, but it was not too interesting.

So we took the dinghy for a ride in search of better coral.

Found a little better area and got a bit of exercise.  All for now!

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  1. ...that is a busy place...the pigs must be like the horses on the Outer Banks...