Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Last day for a while in Key West

We'll head north to Venice on Wednesday, then on to Asheville.  So this will be the last of this "adventure" for a couple of weeks.  But fear not, we'll be back - we're leaving the boat secure on the mooring in Key West.

Buddy relaxing  on the trampoline.

Took the dinghy over to the Mallory Square area, passing the US Coast Guard area.

Stopped at our favorite dive bar, Pepe's for a quick beer - they had another pretty centerpiece.   Really, it's by far the nicest thing in the room!

I had an Amazon order shipped to "General Delivery" - a we went to the building marked "Post Office".....huge old building.....but were met by security at the entrance - it hasn't been the Post Office for many years!!!   The historical society in Key West would not let them remove the Post Office carved in the marble......they gave us directions to the "real" Post Office.

So, we walked several blocks and found the real thing.....a typical modern building.

I asked for my "General Delivery" package - and within a minute it was signed for.  How cool is that?   Karen McCraw, no know address, just Key West....

The last thing we did was go to the Smokin' Tuna to listen to Scott Kirby....we'd heard him before and I really like his simple sound.....

One of my favorites, he sang at my request - Little Blue Boat.....


  1. That sound really suits you. Curious, where does dinghy stay while you're gone?? MOM

  2. hey - it is tied up at the dinghy dock. it's also locked with a cable - just a theft-deterrent. it's behind a locked gate so (theoretically) the only folks with access are other sailors from the mooring field. it will likely get some rain in it, but should be fairly light according to the long range forecast. good question!

  3. That's a hilarious story about the post office....

    We've had friends who hiked the App Trail and had general delivery packages delivered all along the glad that worked...