Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Southbound! Englewood, Fl

The dinghy motor repair went off without a hitch this morning - shoved off from Sarasota before 9am.

Today was just motoring along the Intercoastal Waterway...passed many pretty houses along the way.  This one seemed really nice - all by itself out on a little peninsula.

As we passed Venice - Sharon met us on the bicycle path we had ridden a few days ago and snapped this photo of us as we motored by.

Lots of pretty mangroves along the way.

And hidden "mansions" behind the palm trees.

Many bridges to pass thru....lots of folks were slightly inconvenienced since they had to stop on the bridge for us to pass...

After about 6 hours, we decided to stop at an anchorage near Englewood.  The boys nicely got out the brushes and cleaned off the deck!

We took the now-repaired dinghy to shore for a little cool beverage.

And back for a quiet evening in a quiet anchorage!

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  1. ...more pretty sunsets...I love the one with the lights just coming on at dusk...