Thursday, January 11, 2018

Made it to Key West!!!!

We left Englewood thinking we'd head to the tip of main-land Florida to a little anchorage called Shark River to try to avoid a cold front coming over the weekend.

But after a few hours of pondering, we decided that we'd just go on and head all the way south to Key West instead.

We took shifts overnight - Buddy, me, Duane, Buddy then me....sunrise....

Sailing along in light winds - lots of fishing boats in the Gulf.

Approaching Key West....lots of relaxing.

 Almost calm water.

Close to Key West from the Gulf side.

Passed a huge cruise ship.

Picked up a mooring in the City Mooring field.

And proceeded directly to the pub for happy hour!

The Pub is called the Turtle Kraals..

And we lucked up since it was Turtle Race night!

We were all given "tickets" to bet on our numbered turtle.

Mine was #4 and he won!

Next, if you held a "4" ticket - the procedure was to choose a key -

I chose #5...

But, unfortunately, my key did not open the chest....we may have to try that again!

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  1. ...and another pretty sunrise...pretty much every day...