Friday, January 5, 2018


We are just relaxing in Venice, visiting with Sharon and Buddy as they get settled in their new house.  It's chilly here - but not anywhere near the single digits our NC folks are seeing!!

We went back to Sarasota to "visit" the boat....just to make sure everything is fine out on the mooring ball.  Our "next door neighbor" on the mooring field had texted me yesterday to tell me that the winds were howling in Sarasota Bay but Sojourn was just fine.  Boat people are so nice!

Duane did a few chores on the boat while were there - most importantly installing new fuel pick-up tubes in the diesel tank.  Now we will be able to use almost all the fuel in the tanks, not just 60% of it! 

We toted the last of the laundry off the boat - all the sheets and towels from the kids visit over Christmas.  We're enjoying the full-sized washer and dryer at Sharon and Buddy's!!!  


  1. Nice to have options for laundry, for sure. How far are you from their new house? MOM

  2. the boat is less than 20 miles from them...but it takes over 1/2 hour to get there in traffic.

  3. ...boat people do sound nice...glad you're getting your fuel tanks fixed...