Sunday, January 21, 2018

More Key West

Just enjoying the island....more chickies at the little store where we stopped.

On our many-miles trekked, we passed the Key West lighthouse.  Sortof buried in what appears to be a banyan tree...solid white.

Pat had told us to stop in and say hello to a friend of his from Myrtle Beach - nice fellow but he supports a blue team....

Just a panaroma of the view from the back of the boat.

On Mallory Square - full of sport fishing boats and a few sailboats.

Pretty pelicans

 A friend from Pittsboro had told us to check out this band - Bonerama. To tell you the truth...when I first read the name, I thought it was a bit "racy"...but the band focuses on 3 trombones. 

They were great!  Amazing what you can do with trombones!


  1. Lots of fun things to do in Key West, for sure. Enjoy!!! MOM

  2. ...that is a hilarious band name...made me smile...and you certainly have a plethora of birds there...