Sunday, January 14, 2018

More Key West fun

We took the dinghy ashore in the morning.  Approaching shore, we saw this "Tiki Hut" coming out of the channel....didn't look too seaworthy to us, but the folks looked like they were having a great time.

First destination was the Key West Seafood Festival we had read about online.  It was just a good, old fashioned gathering of vendors.    I had some really great conch chowder and we wandered an hour or so listening to the live music.

We respectfully walked thru the Key West Cemetery  - amazing to see all the old graves mixed with the new.  The earliest that we saw dated to the early 1800's.

Back to our favorite happy hour bar, Pepe''s just a dive bar, but the had this lovely flower arrangement on the table!

Spied this silly vehicle on Duval Street - not sure why it's decorated this way, must just be a whimsical guy since I didn't see any business name.

And downtown near Mallory Square we saw another one of these statues like in Sarasota.  Not sure why there are so many!

And it was a very, very wet dinghy ride back to the boat!!!  The winds had kicked up while we were gone and it was just a crazy ride....bailing out water of the dinghy, hoping we'd make it back to the "mother ship".  Of course, we did, but I had to take a shower to rid myself of all the salt water!


  1. Must be awful to be sprayed with warm water, probably in the hot sun. MOM

  2. Haha, yeah it was awful!! 🏖🌴😁

  3. Glad you made it safely 'home'...