Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Offshore to Key West

We decided this morning to head directly towards Key West instead of meandering along the Interciastal Waterway. There is going to be another chilly but of weather in central Florida, so we decided to try to outrun it!!

 Always fun to pass thru the different bridges.

Leaving out the Charlotte Harbour near Punta Gorda.

Capt'n Buddy!   (working hard??)

We have a sail up - not doing alot, just adding about 1/2 a knot right now.  We expect the wind to pick  up and give us a little boost overnight.  We'll be offshore all night - hope to get to Key West by about 4pm Thursday.


  1. Looks like a beautiful sail. I'll bet it's nice to have another hand on deck. MOM

  2. Fun that you have Buddy'll make the through the night sailing a little bit easier...and always good to miss out on the cold weather...