Friday, March 29, 2019

Rock Sound, Eleuthera, Bahamas

The winds had clocked around to the northeast when we woke up, so we moved a mile or so to the other shore, closer to town.

Went ashore for the afternoon - stopped at Frigate's for a beer before our wandering. 

These dogs were so relaxed....they sortof opened one eye as we passed.

The streets were nicely kept and the houses very island-y.

Pretty church on the waterfront.

Rock Sound is a lot more prosperous than many of the towns we've visited.

Amazing what they do with old pallets!  The barstools here seem to be made completely out of pallet wood.  Good recycling!

We walked about a mile south of town to a cave area.  Really neat - we spent an hour or so wandering inside.

Selfie inside the cave.

 Went past "Boiling Hole" - another blue hole that is connected underground to the ocean.....did not see any "boiling".

A pretty but dangerous poisonwood tree.   Don't touch the bark!

And we visited the Ocean Hole park in the middle of town - a larger blue hole with lots of ocean fish.

Walking back to the boat in the blazing sun.  This is the government dock where we picked up our charter boat in 2012.  Nothing much has changed!

Stopped at a little store for a a "special"  local beer just for fun.  Not the best beer I've had but it was cold!

A pretty walk back to the boat!

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