Thursday, March 21, 2019

New Bight, Cat Island, Bahamas

Had a great fishing day on the 25 mile run around to New Bight!

First a nice mahi-mahi.  Duane patiently reeling him in.

Put the line back out and a couple of hours later we caught this fantastic wahoo!  Wow, big fish!  This was the first one we'd caught.

Arrived to the anchorage near a small settlement.  Spent the next hour of so cleaning the fish and vacuum packing most of it for the freezer.

Cute little town with colorful buildings.

The ever present cell tower....that explains why we often have cell coverage in remote areas.....
notice a building up on the hill -- that's the highest hill in the Bahamas.  We may walk up there to the Hermitage tomorrow.

Sat down to a nice meal in the cockpit,  Caesar salad, baked potato and - the wahoo was super good!

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