Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Bennett's Harbour, Cat Island, Bahamas

It was  a rainy day...but during a lull, we took the dinghy for a nice 2 hour romp thru the Bennett's Creek/Pidgeon Creek mangroves.

The mangrove from the surface.....

And the mangrove from underwater.  Note the pretty neon queen angelfish in the center of the photo.  I was surprised to see a reef fish this far from the ocean.

Spotted dozens of turtles but didn't manage to get a photo.

Saw this ray in shallow water.  It was beautiful and I was able to get close.

But the tide was turning and we had to get out of the mangroves before it got to shallow.  (That would be a pain because we'd have to wait there for 8 hours for the water to come back in!!)

Back to the boat in partly sunny skies!

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  1. ...another pretty mangrove tour...glad you made it out in time...