Friday, March 1, 2019

French Wells, Crooked Island, Bahamas

A couple of folks wanted to know exactly where we are - here's a quick map.  The line shows the latitude of Havana Cuba.  The blue dot is where we are!

Today we went on long dinghy exploration of "Turtle Creek".

A fun ride thru mangroves.  Unfortunately, a lot of the mangroves appeared to be killed, we assume by Hurricane Joaquin in 2015.

Saw several bonefisherman and their guides.

 We slowed the dinghies down to idle and tried not to disturb them, even at this distance.  Notice that they're all "bundled up" - not against the cold - but against the harsh sun.

Lots of pretty water.

Back to the boats - had a nice salmon dinner aboard Now & Zen then a game of dominoes.

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  1. The mangroves are pretty amazing...reminds me of Life of Pi...